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[oneshot] Bittersweet (Yokoo/Tamamori; NC-17)

Title: Bittersweet
Pairings/Characters: Yokoo/Tamamori
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tamamori is busy filming in Kyoto and someone misses him.
A/N: Written for the February quick PWP exchange for kira_shadow. In one of her prompts she wanted a Yokoo pairing that isn't yokofuji or yokonika. Challenge accepted, I hope she'll like this. I chose these two because Yokoo saying he misses Yuta in his jweb was cute. There's actually plot in this, sorry about that, but I thought the exchange was called pwp/romance. Thanks so much to jojibear for beta! ♥

Other exchange fics:


Tamamori barely made it back to the hotel and flopped on the bed the second he entered the room. After a long day of drama filming and a dinner with his co-workers he didn’t even have the energy left to undress and get into bed, so he almost let his body decide to just close his eyes and wait for the morning to come. He had another three days of filming ahead and then he needed to be back in Tokyo again for some TV show. Weeks seemed endless and tiring. He barely remembered what free time was. As he was drifting off to the dream world, he heard his phone vibrating on the side table. That caused his eyes to open abruptly and he stretched on the bed to reach for it. He had left his phone charging that morning and there were now a huge number of unread emails and calls. A good number of them were from the same person. Tamamori sat down on the bed.

“Oh my god. What should I do?!”

He quickly typed a message and waited for the phone to buzz again. He skimmed through the emails, skipping all the ones in which Miyata was telling him about the anime he was watching, or the ones Fujigaya sent about this or that vintage shop they needed to go visit during their the next day off.

Yokoo’s emails had started off normally, with the usual good morning greeting - he even used emoji - but then, after he hadn’t received any reply he started to sound worried, or even annoyed.

“I just forgot my phone, sorry,” Tamamori muttered, reading them. “Why aren’t you replying anymore?!”

He checked the clock, and it was only fifteen past ten, no way Yokoo would be sleeping that early. He had sent the last email around five that afternoon and then silence.

“Great. He must be upset with me now.”

Tamamori typed an email to Fujigaya, thinking that maybe Yokoo was with him since they both had the next day free, but Fujigaya replied that he was having dinner with his friends and Yokoo didn’t come.

Did something happen between you two?

Yes, Tamamori thought, he’s being a baby because I forgot my phone this morning. But he just replied that everything was okay to Fujigaya; he didn’t need another person to worry. He waited ten minutes for Yokoo’s reply but it never came. Sulking, he threw the phone on the carpet and it bounced into a corner of the room.

“Fine. Do as you like,” Tamamori said out loud, sprawling on the bed. But he didn’t feel like sleeping anymore.

It wasn’t long since he had started going out with Yokoo; Tamamori wasn’t even entirely sure of how that happened, but they had known each other for years and Tamamori could swear he had never seen certain sides of Yokoo before. He couldn’t believe the other would act childishly too sometimes, and become upset over the most absurd things. They hadn’t seen each other for days, and the last time they met it was for a music show where they barely had time to talk to each other before Tamamori had to rush to Kyoto for filming again. Yokoo had the habit of sending an email whenever possible, to constantly remind Tamamori how much he missed him. Tamamori had been glad for all the attention and replied to every email showing the same feeling. But the day before he had only received two emails; figures, Yokoo was busy too, but he hadn’t liked how he didn’t even reply to his goodnight email. Tamamori knew how much Yokoo was keen on this sort of things and he went to sleep with an unpleasant feeling in his stomach the night before. Then he had forgotten his phone and he didn’t read the good morning email Yokoo sent him, saying he was sorry that he didn’t reply, but he had fallen asleep before he could do it. Not that Tamamori would have forgiven him just after one email asking for forgiveness. That’s why Yokoo sent another one and another one. And then started to wonder why the other was still not replying. Maybe he thought that Tamamori was angry with him.

“Stupid, I just forgot my phone.” Tamamori sulked at Yokoo - because he didn’t figures that out - and sulked at himself and promised to never forget his phone again. Suddenly, a vibration came from the corner of the room where his phone was lying on the carpet. Tamamori ran to look at it.

You should go to sleep. You have filming tomorrow, right?

I was waiting for your reply.

It’s okay. I understood. You didn’t have your phone. I thought you never went anywhere without it.

Why is he like that?! Tamamori thought clenching his phone instead of throwing it away again. "It's not like I did it on purpose." Tamamori didn't like the tone of Yokoo’s answer, it seemed to be accusing him of lying. He often couldn’t understand what Yokoo was thinking and it was so easy to misunderstand his words. Nevertheless, Tamamori had realized he was fond of him, even if they were two different types of person.

Are you mad at me? Tamamori typed, sometimes it was just easier to ask directly.

I will be if you keep replying instead of going to sleep. There it was, Tamamori thought, Yokoo-mama’s typical reply.

We don’t start until midday tomorrow. I have lots of time to sleep.


Why should I lie? I don’t get you today.

It was more a “really? Oh cool.” I miss you.

Tamamori smiled unconsciously. So it was all forgotten now? Had it been just a misunderstanding? He didn’t know why these kinds of things upset him so much, but he hated when Yokoo acted coldly towards him. Luckily he had learnt how to respond to his mood swings the correct way so that both of them would be happy.

I miss you too. I wish you could be here. This room is boring.

I can be there tomorrow if you want.


Actually I’m already in Kyoto.

Stop joking.

I’m not.

I don’t believe you. And don’t say lame things like “I’m always next to you”, I won’t forgive you.

Ew why would I say that? Anyway. Just close your eyes and count to ten.

Are you going to video call?

Tamamori stared at the phone screen waiting for a reply that never came. Instead, a gentle knock on the door woke him from his state of detachment from reality. Without thinking he got up to open the door, and without realizing he let Yokoo into his room.

“You really are here.”

“I never lie. Surprised?”

Tamamori’s eyes blinked as if they were trying to decide if what they were staring at was real or not. Then he let out a muffled laugh.


“I said I missed you.” Yokoo stroked Tamamori’s face with the back of his hand. “I have a day off tomorrow, so as soon as I finished work today I came here. I called manager-san to book the room next to yours.”

“You’re crazy.”

“I wanted to wait till tomorrow to meet you, even if we’d only have time for a coffee. You must be tired.”

Tamamori grabbed Yokoo’s robe collar and pulled him closer to kiss him. Yokoo’s lips were wet and soft as usual. Tamamori was confused and hardly aware of what was happening. He didn’t know if he was surprised or happy or both. He kept kissing Yokoo, pulling him closer and closer, tugging at his robe and dragging him towards the bed. As he sat on it, he pulled Yokoo into his lap, and still kissing him, rested his back on the mattress, but Yokoo didn’t follow him.

“Maybe it’s better if we stop now. You look tired. You need some rest,” Yokoo said, moving away from the other’s lap and sitting on the bed next to him.

Tamamori hugged him from behind and placed his chin on the other’s shoulder. “I’m not tired. I’m tired of not having time to spend with you.”

“You can say lame things too sometimes,” Yokoo chuckled.

“It’s not lame, it’s romantic. Definitely different,” Tamamori sulked and squeezed his waist.

“You’re hurting me,” Yokoo said but Tamamori only squeezed harder. Yokoo pinched Tamamori’s arm and somehow managed to twist around and push the other onto the mattress.

“I don’t like when you hurt me,” Yokoo said, his profile was leaning into Tamamori’s face and the sudden proximity of Yokoo’s dark, menacing eyes was making Tamamori blush, and he didn’t want to blush, not when he wanted to appear aggressive.

“But it’s fine if it’s just a little,” Yokoo said, bending on Tamamori and starting to skim his teeth on his jawline. “Or if you make me hurt you too, in exchange.”

Tamamori scowled and started slapping Yokoo’s arm and chest, not with all his strength but enough to leave temporary red marks on the skin if it were bare. Yokoo grabbed his wrists and stopped his hands from moving.

“Just a little?” he smiled, “I promise it won’t be that bad. I didn’t mean to hurt you using violence anyway.”

“Idiot,” Tamamori sulked, then threw his arms around Yokoo’s neck and pulled him down on him again. “You know I can’t say no.”

Despite the pretence of violence they both had, the kiss they shared was sweet and slow. When they parted again, Yokoo had his usual caring expression on his face.

“Are you sure you’re not too tired?”

“I was before, but now I’m totally fine.”


“Ah please, don’t start again. I said I’m fine. I’m fine! Just please can’t we not stop now?”

Yokoo smiled mischievously. “I sense sexual frustration. That’s interesting.”

“Stop torturing me.” Tamamori started kissed him messily, trying to bite his lips, but Yokoo escaped from his ardour.

“Do you have the stuff?”

Tamamori’s expression turned into disappointed surprise. “I have nothing.”

“Then we can’t...”

“Wait, we can just... please, where are you going?” Tamamori argued when Yokoo got up from the bed looking aggravated.

“To my room.”


Tamamori didn’t have a reply ready before Yokoo disappeared behind the partition that concealed the door of the room. He sat on the bed contemplating running after him, but then again, what for? He hated those weird Yokoo’s moods and he wasn’t entirely sure he understood him. He felt indignant to be left like that, because it wasn’t even the first time it has happened. Okay, it never happened before sex, he was thinking more about the times when Yokoo left early during a date, or when he insisted for him to go and rest. It felt just like one of those times and Tamamori didn’t have any desire to argue. He just didn’t understand; why was he there? Why didn’t he tell him immediately? Why did he come to tease him and then leave like that? He hated him so much when he couldn’t understand the convoluted way the other's mind worked. He decided to slide under the covers and forget he was even there, when he heard Yokoo’s footstep entering the room again.

“Ah so after all, you are tired?”

“I thought you’d left?”

“I was just getting my bag.” Yokoo said with a smirk and Tamamori felt like he had fallen for his trick. He knew he left without saying anything on purpose so that he would think he was angry. But Tamamori didn’t have evidence that he actually did it on purpose, aside from the teasing smile that was now showing on his face.

“I hate you.”

“How nice. Come here now.” Yokoo said, sitting on the bed while rummaging on his bag. He didn’t seem to take notice of Tamamori’s mood, whose face was half hidden by the covers. Yokoo leaned over him and pulled away the covers. Tamamori was still sulking.

“I missed you hating me too, Yuta.” Yokoo started kissing Tamamori’s neck and despite his pout, the other didn’t oppose him and was soon searching for more contact. He threw the covers aside and started tangling his long legs with Yokoo’s longs legs, his long arms invading the other’s slender body wherever they could reach as they kissed, hardly parting to even breathe.

“I still hate you so much. I never liked you,” Tamamori said, words muffled against the other’s lips.

“I know.” Yokoo said. “Do you hate me when I do this?” Yokoo pinched Tamamori’s nipple from outside his t-shirt and Tamamori squirmed and moaned. Yokoo started running his fingers under his clothes and over the rim of the other’s jeans, teasingly, without showing any intention of undressing him. Oh yes, Tamamori thought, he hated how he had fun teasing him too. He bit his lip not to emit any sound as he stripped off Yokoo of his robe and started touching his skin. His hands were running everywhere, from Yokoo’s cheeks, to his mouth — where he sucked and bit gently at Tamamori’s fingers — then down on his neck, collarbone and bare chest. Tamamori pulled at the elastic band on the other’s underwear.

“Why are you wearing this under that robe, you dork.”

“Always something to complain about,” Yokoo smiled. “And you’re still fully clothed!”

“Because someone here keeps me so busy and doesn’t let me undress.”

“Strip off your clothes now.”

“Don’t give me orders.” Tamamori said and they stared at each other for a second before he actually started to strip, cheeks flushing. “I was going to do it anyway. Not because you said so.”

“Good boy.”

“You’re not funny.”

They both removed what they still had on and tangled in a kiss again, bodies rubbing against each other and both feeling the pleasure of their warm skins and breaths.

“It’s been a while,” Yokoo said while his long fingers played on Tamamori’s skin, making it tingle with their movements. He trailed his fingertips on Tamamori’s chest, stopped to play with his nipples and continued smoothing over his skin as he shivered under their touch. “Do you want me, Yuta?”

Tamamori didn’t reply, but he raised his hips as to indicate the answer. Yokoo pushed him down and stared at him. “I want to hear that you want me.”

Tamamori didn’t answer again and Yokoo grabbed his cock and started stroking him slowly while his hips got closer to Tamamori and he could feel Yokoo’s cock between his legs and he wanted to feel more, he wanted him so much it was painful.

“Please, I want you.” Tamamori breathed out as Yokoo was playing with the tip of his cock.

“Say my name.”

“I want you, Wataru.” Please, please hurry and get into me, he thought before realizing he actually said that aloud. That caused his eyes to open wide and his cheeks to flush red but he noticed that instead of smirking, Yokoo was ogling him and his eyes were dark with want. He grabbed the lube he had taken out of his bag before and spread a good quantity of it on his fingers and on Tamamori before cautiously inserting a finger inside him. As Tamamori felt it he squirmed, but rapidly got used to it and wished to feel even more. Yokoo put another finger in and soon Tamamori couldn’t do much apart from rocking against his fingers.

“Your... fingers are so...”

“They reach the right spot?” Yokoo asked, working Tamamori open while his other hand travelled to the other’s mouth so that Tamamori’s plump lips could seal on his fingers, sucking them, unconsciously wanting more of Yokoo, more than he could ever get at the same time.

Yokoo pulled out his fingers and quickly put on condom, but it wasn’t fast enough for Tamamori, who whined when he couldn’t feel the other’s fingers inside him anymore.

When Yokoo pushed his cock inside him, Tamamori wailed, but soon it felt good, so good he started to rock down on him, while Yokoo held his hips steady to thrust inside him. Tamamori liked Yokoo’s smell during sex. It tingled his senses and stimulated his awareness of the other’s presence. He loved when his breathing became heavier and all the little groans of pleasure he emitted. He realized Yokoo’s long fingers were wrapped around his cock and he was jerking him off at the same rhythm with his thrusts.

“It feels so good inside you,” Yokoo blurted out as he shook away his hair from his face with a sudden almost involuntary head movement. Tamamori looked into his dark eyes, those eyes that used to be so mysterious, those expressions he could never read the meaning of. He still didn’t understand him most of times, but he didn’t care, because all he wanted was for him to be there. All he wanted was for Yokoo to hold him and tell him he missed him. And that he missed how hot the sex was between them, how much pleasure Tamamori gave him. Tamamori moaned, focusing only on Yokoo’s movements, only on the pleasure his body was feeling.

“It feels good for me too. I’m about too...” and then he moaned and his mind froze when the orgasm hit him and he came spilling in Yokoo’s hand and on his stomach.

“Pretty. That is so pretty.” Yokoo said and started thrusting faster, staring into Tamamori’s eyes, his hands back on his hips, fingers sinking into Tamamori’s skin. Tamamori felt the other’s thrusts becoming erratic as he arched back and released himself inside him, eyes closed and expression lost in the pleasure of the orgasm. Tamamori enjoyed watching Yokoo losing his composure during sex; it was interesting, watching while the other’s expressions changed into complete bliss. And he looked so good, Tamamori couldn’t help but think.

Yokoo sprawled next to Tamamori after they cleaned up as much as they could with the tissues Yokoo promptly took out of his bag. Tamamori turned his face to look at the other, who was looking at him, head propped up on his bent arm.

“So I can properly tell you goodnight today,” Yokoo said, smiling.

“Feels weird not to receive a goodnight email. I guess I got used to it, sounds weird if you say it.”

“Goodnight Yuta. Sorry if my voice sounds weird.”

“I didn’t mean that your voice is weird! I... where are you going?” Tamamori asked as he saw Yokoo trying to get up.

“To my room.”

There again, Yokoo was drawing a line and leaving him when Tamamori didn’t want to be left alone.

“I don’t want to bother your sleep, and this bed is so small,” Yokoo explained.

Tamamori preferred to think that wasn’t just an excuse to stay alone. Maybe it simply was that he was too different from Yokoo, and Yokoo never actually realized that his way of being over caring and over polite could be seen as coldness from him. He sat up and grabbed Yokoo’s wrist.

Yokoo’s face was surprised at first and he seemed like he wanted to refuse or produce another excuse, but then he smiled and went to take his place next to Tamamori and they both tucked in under the covers and turned off the lights.

Tamamori didn’t say a word and smiled, pleased, while Yokoo’s arm was rummaging again inside the bag he had next to the bed on the floor. After a while, Tamamori heard his phone vibrating again. He took it and saw an unexpected email.

Goodnight Yuta.

He saw Yokoo’s profile smirking at him; from behind his shoulder, his phone screen lit in the darkness. Tamamori moved closer to him and pushed his chest against Yokoo’s back, squeezing his waist with his arms.

“You’re hurting me again, Yuta.”

Tags: #oneshot, * english, f: kis-my-ft2, p: yokoo/tamamori, r: nc-17

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